500th smartmicro UMRR-11 radar deployed in UK

Roadside technology company Smart Video & Sensing Ltd (SVS) has announced the installation and commissioning of its 500th smartmicro UMRR-11 series radar in the United Kingdom since 2019.

UMRR-11 Type 44/45 is a 24GHz smart radar sensor for multi-lane, multi-object tracking traffic management applications that features 4D/HD technology.  The sensor measures range, radial speed, horizontal and vertical angle, reflectivity and more parameters of multiple stationary and moving reflectors (targets) simultaneously. It is capable of high definition (4D/HD), where HD resolution means that the sensor can separate objects by their speed and their distance to the sensor.

The sensor is almost unaffected by weather, temperature and lighting conditions.

This installation was undertaken by SVS with assistance from telent Technology Services who are the traffic signals maintainers in the city of Southampton. Rory Lind from telent arranged the installation in conjunction with engineers from SVS.

Commenting on why the city engineers chose the smartmicro detectors a representative said “The smartmicro UMRR-11 detector was chosen over traditional inductive loops due to the ease of deployment and the obvious cost savings that it provides. With the UMRR-11 there was no requirement for traffic management in place to cut carriageway loops and therefore no impact on road users during installation. The radars can also be installed in advance of works such as resurfacing so the virtual loops can be operational as soon as the works are completed. Unlike other above ground detection, the UMRR-11 can cover a large number of detection zones over a long distance, this enabled a single detector to cover all MOVA loops on a multilane approach on a main arterial route where day time traffic management would have had a major impact on traffic flow and night time slot cutting would have been noisy for local residents.”

Richard Quick, Technical Manager at SVS said “The message is getting around the UK traffic industry now on the potential cost savings and flexibility of using the UMRR-11 in such applications and also the added value of the data collection capability of the radars when used in conjunction with the NOVUS data aggregator.”

SVS report having seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries for the UMRR-11 and other products from the smartmicro range over the past 18 months.

(Picture –  Richard Quick, left and Rory Lin)


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