ADEPT Live Labs projects have brought local authorities closer to innovation than ever before, says programme director on this weeks Highways Voices

The ADEPT Live Labs projects have brought local authorities closer to innovation than they have ever been before, providing them with new, more efficient and better ways of working.

These are the comments of Programme Director Giles Perkins, who spoke to Highways Voices ahead of the upcoming ADEPT Smart Places Live Labs Expo, taking place on December 1st in Derby.

Mr Perkins, who is also Head of Future Mobility at WSP told Highways Voices: “The Key to the success of Live Labs has been the collaboration between local authorities and the private sector, and out there to maintenance providers, but also new entrants into the market that they may not have had relationships with before SMEs, academia, all sorts of people, the sharing of that innovation, the roles and responsibilities.

“The opportunities that have come from that really is built on collaboration. Everybody has been pitching in together playing to the strengths, but learning along the way. But one could argue that given what we’ve got to address with climate change, etc, we are all going to have to innovate and innovation is something that we will all need to do as business as usual, we will all need to be agile, we will all need to understand how we can make change, but also response and move on from failure if failures occur. The best way to do that is to do that collaboratively.”

Mr Perkins said that a portal, where all the information and learning from the eight Live Lab projects so far, is being developed to help extend the learning to every local authority in the UK, as well as to consider any potential future projects.

You can register for the ADEPT Smart Places Live Labs Expo here: .

You can find the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium highlights video here:

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