Andy Street pledges to double transport spend if re-elected next month

The Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, has promised to double the amount of investment in transport in the region, by securing more government funding, if he is re-elected.

Mr Street said said £277 million had been spent during 2020/2021 and that he was looking to bring that investment to more than £500 million a year.

The funding would be used on transport projects across the region – including the reopening of railway stations – in the push for a “world-class” transport system, he said.

He also made the pledge alongside commitments to building more houses, 100,000 new jobs, and tackling climate change. Labour’s Liam Byrne is seen as his main rival at the election, according to a report by the Express and Star.

Speaking at the launch of his manifesto, he said: “We did make really good progress over the three years pre-pandemic and the West Midlands, genuinely, was beginning to reclaim its rightful place as a thriving and economically successful region – but we have to be very honest and say that we know the pandemic has hit us very hard.

“There’s one overriding objective in our manifesto and that of course is to restore the progress we were enjoying and indeed to go well beyond it – and ensure the benefits of that success are shared with everyone across the region.”

Mr Street added: “We know our region was badly under-invested in and we’ve made a really good start, but there’s more to do.

“There’s a promise to double transport spending on top of what we’ve already achieved, to open those new Metro stations in Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley, Wolverhampton and begin the expansion in North Solihull.


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