ARTSM extends membership classes

The Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management has announced an extension in membership classes, saying it “recognises the need to provide for newcomers to the industry who, whilst bringing innovation, may be better able to bring interoperability working alongside those who are already well placed to assist”.

ARTSM says its working groups offer a collaborative approach to technical issues relating to road traffic products and that it reviews and considers standards and specifications and provides considerable support to bodies in the updating and development of these standards as well as “providing an extensive knowledge base in the creation of new standards to support innovation”.  “We welcome new  expertise to ARTSM  to continue to provide a wide level of knowledge for the sector,” it adds.

It says in doing this it can provide a smoother pathway for such innovation whilst maintaining fitness for purpose of legacy systems ensuring adaptation of environment for the benefit of the road users and have standards that continue to be fit for purpose.

“We welcome applications from companies who have yet to be established for a period of three years and who may, as a result, not meet the criteria in respect of financial accounting and ISO 9001,” ARTSM says in a statement. “This membership is a provisional membership which lasts for a maximum period of two years after which those members may make the transition to full membership when they meet the additional requirements.

“This is particularly important for those independent sole traders and small companies who may struggle to attain ISO 9001 due to its cost, but who provide skills and knowledge which is invaluable in the sector.  For example, our new WG5 is particularly keen to ensure that design and supply also take account of the requirements for maintenance of such infrastructure.”

Its working groups are:

WG1 scope – bollards, beacons, temporary signs and illuminated signs (primarily products identified in BS 8442)

WG2 scope – vertical traffic signs (primarily products identified in BS EN 12899 and 12767)

WG3 scope – permanent and mobile variable message signs (BS EN 12966 and TOPAS)

WG4 scope – traffic signals and control (TOPAS)

WG5 scope – highways technology, installation and maintenance (primarily covering works associated with roadside products)

Full can be found on the website at

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