County sees zero fatalities so far this year

Road safety officials in Lincolnshire are cautiously welcoming statistics that show nobody has been killed on the county’s roads so far this year.

They say that usually around 50 people a year suffer a road-related death in the county, and by the end of February last year five had lost their lives. News website TheLinc says that’s the first time since records started being kept in 1985 that zero fatalities have been recorded.

John Siddle, spokesperson for Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, told the site, “This is quite an anomaly, as far as we can see, although the records are only available from 1985. Since then, in Lincolnshire, there’s never been a [time] where we’ve had zero fatalities in the first two months of the year.

“We would love for it to be zero all year, but we have to be realistic as, on average, over fifty people unfortunately get killed on Lincolnshire roads every year. So, it is unusual that we have a number such as this.”

“ Zero is the only acceptable outcome for the whole year and beyond,” commented Nick Simmons, CEO of road safety charity Roadpeace.  “Whilst RoadPeace obviously  welcome the fact that nobody has been killed on Lincolnshire’s roads so far in 2021, we are still seeing, despite less traffic on the roads as a result of lockdown, that there is more speeding across the UK and our Helpline continues to deal with to many calls from road crash victims concerning fatalities and life-changing injuries.”

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