ASI Solutions joins forces with R3 Ltd to deliver online CPD accredited webinar addressing how asphalt preservation can provide the ‘missing link’ for local authorities

An online CPD accredited webinar delivered by global asphalt preservation company ASI Solutions and asphalt testing and consultancy specialist R3 Ltd, is set to address how growing interest in asphalt preservation can provide the ‘missing link’ for local authorities looking to protect and preserve the parts of their network in green and light amber condition.

The webinar, Better Roads Today, Stronger Networks Tomorrow, taking place on August 4th, will look at why asphalt preservation is important as part of an effective asset management strategy that includes life cycle planning. It will give insight into how Rhinophalt, the market leading BBA HAPAS certified asphalt preservation product, can help stop water ingress and oxidisation of the surface course and slowing the ageing process, stopping it from rapid decline, in a highly sustainable and cost effective way and saving money on more expensive treatments further down the line.

Intervening at an appropriate stage in the life of a carriageway surface will extend is serviceability and help negate its deterioration, delegates on the webinar will hear.

This is important, says ASI Solutions and R3 Ltd, at a time when the highways sector is going through a period of rapid change with local authorities constantly challenged to produce more sustainable and cost effective highway asset management plans but with ever diminishing resources.

Delegates will hear that at the heart of good asset management lies Life Cycle Planning which in its basic form means understanding the cost of treating a road and how long the chosen treatment will last (Service Life) and how often the same treatment can be re-applied. Traditional surface treatments are principally aimed at maintaining roads in amber condition (minor surface
defects) or red condition (structural issues) by asset managers, when they should ideally be used to treat those in green and light amber condition too.

“Little attention has been given to maintaining roads in green or light amber condition and significantly minimising future maintenance costs. The green roads of today if left untreated will become the amber roads of tomorrow so in terms of life cycle planning and whole life cost savings it makes perfect sense to include green roads as part of an overall asset management strategy. If we don’t address how we maintain our network condition we will always be playing catch up and never get ahead of the game.” A well maintained network will also help our economy to recover more quickly and also help to address the climate emergency by reducing the carbon footprint of road maintenance, says ASI and R3 Ltd.

R3 Ltd offer specialist standard and non-standard testing and consultancy services for roads, runways and racetracks. The company was formed to build on the research undertaken over 30 years at Ulster University. R3 has research at its core and offers knowledge and expertise to better understand surface characteristics relating to the tyre / surface interface and provide solutions to overcome difficult problems.

R3 will highlight how continued asset monitoring through surface characteristic analysis can improve the quality of your roads and apply the correct remedial treatments as part of a planned preventative maintenance strategy to provide whole-life cost savings of your network.

To register for the CPD accredited webinar please contact Dr David Woodward at: [email protected].


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