ASI Solutions signs exclusive new supplier agreement with Jobling Purser for production of its market leading asphalt preservation product, Rhinophalt

Local authorities and road operators will now benefit from an improved continuity of supply of the market leading BBA HAPAS certified asphalt preservation product Rhinophalt, as a result of ASI Solutions signing a new exclusive agreement with Jobling Purser to supply it globally.

The move comes as ASI looks to expand its supply base due to increased demand for Rhinophalt both in the UK and around the world as asphalt preservation becomes more popular. This new agreement forms a key part a of two-year strategic review of the market to enable ASI to expand and grow in the UK and the rest of world.

Rhinophalt is the original, authentic and trusted source of preservation in several sectors including local and strategic roads, bridges, airports and test tracks. The product carries not only a BBA HAPAS certificate but also a UKCA/CE marking, demonstrating its consistent product quality and delivery whenever it is applied. ASI Solutions has an exclusive global licence with Asphalt Systems Inc in the US to operate the technology exclusively around the world.

The deal between ASI and Jobling Purser, will enable more value to be passed through the whole supply chain, according to ASI Solutions and the new partnership will further highlight the UK expertise in asphalt preservation which has been passed around the globe with over 19 million sqm of Rhinophalt already applied.

Speaking about the new agreement, Managing Director of ASI Solutions Howard Robinson, said: “It was important for ASI Solutions to work with a trusted and respected quality manufacturer and that is why we chose to work with Jobling Purser. I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship, that will enable us to not only expand our business but to supply more quality product to our customers in the UK and around the world.”

This comes at a time when use of Rhinophalt asphalt preservation is on the rise in the UK with many local authorities using it to keep their roads in green and light amber in better condition for longer. Rhinophalt also provides an ideal solution for councils as sustainability challenges remain at the forefront of their agendas, with it providing more than 90% in carbon savings compared to traditional resurfacing. ASI Solutions remains committed to helping local government and all road operators to reduce carbon as part of their asset management strategies.

Rhinophalt can double the asphalt surface course service life of a road for half the cost compared to resurfacing, therefore reducing the demand for reactive maintenance, with fewer potholes and less claims. It preserves, protects and extends the life of the asphalt infrastructure and is proven to withstand all extreme weather conditions. Rhinophalt is the only asphalt preservation product that contains Gilsonite which is naturally hardened bitumen. As well as all types of roads, including the M40, Rhinophalt has also been successfully applied to bridges, airports and test tracks around the world.

Jobling Purser develop and produce a wide range of British Standard products which are used all around the world. As specialists in producing highway maintenance solutions it applies its knowledge of bitumen formulating to a wide range of industry applications. Its high-quality products make roads safer and have played a crucial part in a diverse range of manufacturing sectors since the 1830’s as part of a family owned business.

David Jobling-Purser, Sales and Marketing Director at Jobling Purser said: “We are very pleased to be working with ASI on this great product, with its proven track record of keeping roads in better condition for longer.”


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