HE applies for Lower Thames Crossing planning permission

Highways England has officially logged its application to build the new Lower Thames crossing linking Essex and Kent to the east of the Dartford Crossing.

This application has been received by the Planning Inspectorate and documents will be made available if the application is accepted for examination.

The Planning Inspectorate website details how the Lower Thames Crossing “will be a new road crossing connecting Kent, Thurrock and Essex. Approximately 14.5 miles (23km) in length, it will connect to the existing road network from the A2/M2 to the M25 with two tunnels (one southbound and one northbound) running beneath the River Thames. The scheme also includes improvements to the M25, A2 and A13, where the scheme connects to the road network, new structures and changes to existing ones (including bridges, buildings, tunnel entrances, viaducts, and utilities such as electricity pylons) along the length of the new road and a free-flow charging system through the tunnel.”

From the day after receipt of the application (which was 23 October), the Planning Inspectorate has 28 days to review the application and decide whether or not to accept it. The acceptance decision on this application should therefore be made by Friday 20 November 2020.

If the application is accepted, the Inspectorate will:

  • On the day of the decision publish the acceptance decision and the Adequacy of Consultation Representations received from the relevant local authorities.
  • As soon as practicable after the acceptance decision, publish the application documents submitted by the Applicant.
  • As soon as practicable after the acceptance decision, publish the date from which you will be able to register to put your case on the application (by making a Relevant Representation) and become an Interested Party.
  • As soon as practicable after the acceptance decision, publish the date on which the registration period will close.
  • From the opening day of the registration period (as determined by the Applicant’s notification and publication) make the Relevant Representation form available on this website.

If the application is not accepted, it will:

  • Publish the decision letter and reasons why it hasn’t been accepted.

It is not accepting comments on the application until the registration period has opened.


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