HE uncovers 2,000 year old pothole repairs

Contractors working on the A1 upgrade in North Yorkshire have made discoveries which have led to a greater understanding of Roman life, including the fact they had to fix potholes on their roads.

Highways England says the “illuminating” discoveries on the stretch between Leeming and Barton, focussed around Scotch Corner have been heralded by Historic England as one of the top 10 archaeological discoveries of the decade.

The finds, documented in a new book, ‘Contact, Concord and Conquest: Britons and Romans at Scotch Corner’.

HE says the A1 upgrade is one of several projects across the country helping experts uncover more of England’s rich history. Others include a bypass and junction improvement in the north west which has provided an early glimpse of life on a watery peninsula, and Britain’s recently opened biggest road project in the east which has uncovered mammoth tusks, rare Roman coins, and evidence of ancient beer brewing.


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