Highway Care introduces urban-focused crash cushion products

Highway Care has launched a line of crash cushions and end terminals specifically designed for urban, low-speed environments of under 80 km/h.

According to the company, the range of urban road-safety products have been designed with city and town centres in mind. Protection is now possible for road-side hazards such as road signs, trees and telephone and CCTV poles, while also lowering the risk of harm to motorcyclists, motorists and even pedestrians.

Forming part of the range is the Armadillo Crash Cushion, designed for low speed and local roads to protect roadside hazards. A yellow coloured, aluminium rounded covering is available to offer protection for areas where motorcyclists could be particularly vulnerable. Alongside this, the City Crash Cushion is for low speed and local road hazards including short sign posts, with chamfered corners to prevent risk of harm to pedestrians.

The Tree Crash Cushion can offer protection for motorists against trees and is also has chamfered corners for safety of pedestrians. Panels are adjustable in length to suit varying widths of tree hazards.

The Janus Crash Cushion can already be seen on some stretches of dual carriageways in Kent, protecting against lower speeds of 50 km/h and 80 km/h. The Janus is a two-ended crash cushion, enabling the width of the road-side hazard to be completely protected. Highway Care’s Ermes P2 End Terminal is tested to speeds of up to 80 km/h and comes with a powder coated option to create a seamless link with the Tertu TimberRail vehicle restraint system. This unique feature provides a solution to designers and local authorities who want an aesthetic look of barrier with the safety features of steel in areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks and housing estates.


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