Highways England launches public consultation on changes to The Highway Code

Highways England has launched a consultation on potential changes to the Highway Code to help improve driving and safety on motorways and high-speed roads.

This includes the availability, appearance and safe use of emergency areas, variable speed limits, Red X compliance and what road users can do to avoid breakdowns.

The consultation also considers the use of hard shoulders that become extra lanes during periods of congestion, how road users can help themselves safe in the event of a breakdown and how safety cameras are employed to promote compliance with speed limits and lane closures.

There is also proposed guidance that strengthens the Code in relation to other factors that are contributing to incidents on motorways and other high-speed roads including: driver fatigue, unroadworthy vehicles, unsafe towing and tailgating.

Developing The Highway Code to include extra information about smart motorways is part of the Department for Transport’s 18-point action plan to improve safety on England’s roads.

Jeremy Phillips, Highways England’s Head of Road Safety, said: “The Highway Code is the go-to guide for road users to help make journeys as safe, efficient and sustainable as possible. We know more needs to be done to help motorists understand exactly how modern motorways and high-speed roads operate. The updated edition of The Highway Code will help inform the next generation of road users as well as giving important updates to those with many miles under their belt, to help us all stay safer.”


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