Coventry City Council to approve £10 million roads programme

Coventry City Council is set to approve a £10m programme designed to improve the city’s roads.

The programme will include new road safety and traffic management schemes, as well as ongoing maintenance, and will tie in with the improvements being carried out around the city .

There will be work to improve safety, including more 20mph zones, along with measures to help older people and those with mobility problems, such as dropped kerbs.

Work to declutter the roads will continue, with unnecessary signs and street furniture removed. There will be more Average Speed Cameras, and new safety measures on busy routes including Beake Avenue and Wheelwright Lane.

There will also be mobile speed signs and extra residents’ parking schemes to ease congestion. The Council will also investigate possible improvement schemes at major routes including the A444 from Foleshill Road to the city centre; London Road; and Keresley Link Road.

Around schools there will be work to clear roads and keep children safe, with waiting restrictions and ‘car-free school streets. There could also be 20mph schemes to cover school start and finish times. Work to improve and bring in more cycleways will also be carried out.

Cllr Patricia Hetherton, Cabinet Member for City Services, said: “Our roads affect everyone in the city and they are crucial to our quality of life. “In this programme we hope to address many areas, from maintenance, to air quality and pedestrian safety, with schemes right across the city.

“Obviously, we want our roads to be well maintained and the best they can be for commuters and residents, but we also have  to look at new ways to help people move around the city, such as cycleways and improved footpaths.

“We are using new technology where we can, with mobile speed signs and average speed cameras; we are looking at innovative safety schemes such as car-free streets around schools; and we are looking at the major routes into our city to see how congestion can be eased.

“Our roads have improved greatly in recent years, and those improvements have also helped cut air pollution and improve safety. This year’s programme will further that work and help our city continue to build for the future.”

There is also an extra £1m provided by the Citizen Housing Group to improve pavements in the area; and the Council will continue to work with partners on a variety of other schemes to embrace new technology and cut congestion and pollution, such as escooters, electric charging points and the Very Light Rail system.


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