Is it time to rethink unsustainable road expenditure?

Twenty odd years ago, when the Labour Party was in power, the Tories were accusing them of a war on motorists. Yet once the Tories were relieved of the shackles of the Coalition in 2015 it didn’t take long for George Osborne, the then Chancellor, to create the first Road Infrastructure Strategy allowing billions of pounds to be put into motorway and major road building. 

This was followed in 2020 by Rishi Sunak approving an eye-watering £27 bn on the next phase of road expenditure despite the rising costs of dealing with COVID. This is despite the irrevocable change in lifestyle brought about by the pandemic. Many more of us are working remotely and are never likely to return to a full five-day working week of commuting. 

So isn’t it time to rethink the unsustainable road expenditure as it is now no longer necessary, if it ever was, because of recent events?

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