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As government advice on social distancing changes, the health and safety products company is rebranding to reflect the flexibility of solutions.

The website continues to offer a range of solutions to help businesses get back to work while keeping their staff healthy and safe including its best selling electronic wearable tags which warn a user when they get too close to someone.

“One of the reasons I knew the tags were a great product was because they are so easily configurable to different distances,” explained company founder Neil Levett.  “We have had them set at two metres to reflect government instructions up till now, but with a few clicks of a mouse on our easy-to-use software, users can change to any distance prescribed.”

Some companies might wish to keep the two metre limit in place in their workplaces, while others will want to shorten distances to get back to as near normal as quickly as possible.

“I see the reduction from two metres to “one plus” as more of a reason for companies to invest in our tags, not less,” continued Levett.  “Two metres has generally meant people keeping a greater distance from others, whereas one metre and it’ll be very easy to get too close.  These tags vibrate, light up and make a noise when you get too close so are the ideal reminder to stay safe.”

The wearable tags have a full track-and-trace system built into their software, meaning that if someone falls ill with Coronavirus symptoms it is quick and easy to identify who that person has come into close contact with and therefore who should self isolate, whilst allowing the rest of the workforce to continue with their jobs.

Should a feared second wave materialise and government advice revert to a two metre distance, the tags can easily be recalibrated back. also offers a range of screens, sanitising solutions, signs and videos to promote safe working, helping businesses get back to the vital job of generating revenue and playing their part in restarting the economy while minimising the risk of their staff being infected and having to close their entire site again.

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