Kent treats road surface equivalent to half of Monaco

Road engineers have successfully treated enough roads in Kent to cover half the size of Monaco.

Kent County Council (KCC) has completed its road surface preservation programme, which runs between March and September 15th, and is aimed at preserving road surfaces.

The programme of works costs £11 million and has seen 24 kms of rural roads reconstructed and 146 kms of other roads protected for the medium term.

The works are also better for the environment than traditional road maintenance methods and with smoother roads vehicles produce fewer CO2 emissions.

KCC’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, David Brazier, said: “The total distance covered is the equivalent of treating a road from Maidstone to Southampton and the total area treated is 1 million sqm, equivalent to 2.5 times the area of the Vatican City or half the size of Monaco.

“This work sees significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions and as little waste as possible. Where traditional methods produce 9kg CO2e per sqm, our works emit between one and three kg CO2e per sqm.

“Our road preservation programme is part of the wider £50 million annual road maintenance programme. This includes £10 million on the Pothole Blitz and £30 million on road resurfacing.”

All works carried out on our roads are part of KCC’s Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP), which ensures the council follows best practice to prioritise works as set out in a five-year forward works plan.


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