More than 110,000 potholes recorded on Northern Irish roads in 2023

Official data analysed by car insurance company suggests there were 110,023 recorded potholes on Northern Ireland roads in 2023 – an increase of 9%.

A survey of drivers suggests 91% of them in Northern Ireland have issues with potholes in their area. 94% of respondents also believe not enough is being done about potholes, while 96% said they weren’t fixed quickly enough.

The government statistics show that of the 138,464 surface defects recorded on NI roads in 2023, with 110,023 were related to potholes. This means that potholes accounted for 79% of all recorded surface defects on NI roads in 2023.

According to the data, 78% of all recorded potholes were repaired, however, over a third took 4-6 weeks to be fixed.

Commenting on the figures, Ian Wilson, Managing Director of, said: “With the cost-of-living crisis pushing insurance premiums and fuel prices up, costly damage to vehicles due to potholes is the last thing drivers here need.

“Unfortunately, potholes are a continuous problem and the ongoing weather conditions, and lack of adequate funding can be very frustrating for many drivers on our roads.

“Not only can potholes cause serious damage to vehicles, but they also increase the risk of accidents and make the roads more dangerous for drivers.

“Pothole related damage to vehicles is becoming more expensive as parts, paint and repair costs all soar, meaning drivers are having to lose their no claims bonus to claim for repairs. It’s one of the key reasons that car insurance costs are on the rise, a surge in claims is escalating insurance premiums right across the UK.”

(Picture – iStock.com_Stephen Barnes supplied by CompareNI)


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