New marketing and PR company dedicated to highways and transport sector launched

A new PR & Marketing company dedicated to helping the highways and transport industry to engage and communicate more effectively has been launched this week.

Combining the skills, experience and networks of industry media and marketing professionals Helen Blood and Adrian Tatum, the new company, Boundary Marketing & PR, will offer several services that will help support its clients to deliver more insightful content, marketing and PR based around telling the story of what its customers do well, how they do it and why.

The company takes a unique approach to marketing and PR combining knowledge, experience and a detailed understanding of the sector to help its clients tell their stories more effectively and be successful as a result.

Speaking about the launch, Helen Blood said: “We believe passionately that this industry has a fantastic story to tell, and Boundary Marketing & PR has been set up to do just that. The highways and transport industry moves at an incredibly fast pace so, any company operating in it, whatever part of the supply chain they might be operating in, need to be intelligent, agile and flexible to stay ahead and at the centre of that is always good communication that helps explain why what we do is important.”

Adrian Tatum added: “Anyone that knows us understands that the highways and transport industry has been a part of our working lives for a long-time and we want more than anything to see it succeed and grow even stronger. This will only happen if we continue to collaborate and communicate more effectively, and Boundary Marketing & PR aims to help companies be more effective at that. Think of us as a part of your team that will provide compelling insight for you, engaging content and the best advice based on our in-depth knowledge of the sector you operate in.”

Adrian is also a Co-owner and Director of Highways News with Paul Hutton who also owns PH Initiatives. This is a  transport-related company offering consultancy, journalism and business development services. Drawing on its contributors’ years of experience across the media and transport sectors, PH Initiatives expertise surrounds writing, audio and video production, PR, sales and marketing.f


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