North Yorks highways worker comes to the rescue of ill woman on roadside

A highways worker has been praised after stopping to help a walker who had become ill.

Steve Barker, a highways maintenance manager for North Yorkshire County Council, was returning while on duty from a site visit near the authority’s boundary when he noticed two women at the roadside between Carperby and the village of Redmire, in Richmondshire.

Concerned with the possibility that one of the pair had become ill, he turned his vehicle around and went back to check on their welfare, reported the Northern Echo.

His concern proved well founded, with one woman clearly unwell and he was able to provide transport back to her home, a short distance away and to make sure she was safe before returning to ensure her companion did not need any further help.

Mr Barker kept the number of passengers in the Landrover down to one, with both wearing face coverings.

His actions provoked an email of thanks to North Yorkshire County Council highways from one of the two women, although she did not know who had stopped to help.

She said: “My friend suddenly became unwell and was unable to continue. The driver of a highways department Landrover, who had passed us on his way into Redmire, returned, stopped and offered assistance.

“He very kindly gave my friend a lift back to her home in Redmire, stayed to see her safely inside her house, then drove back to let me know she was safely home.”

Mr Barker said: “I wondered what was happening and wasn’t happy about it so went back.

“I have worked for the council for 36 years and it is just the sort of thing I would do, I don’t think anyone would ignore something like that if they saw it. It was ten minutes of my time, but to them it clearly made a big difference,” he said.

NYCC Executive Member for Access, Cllr Don Mackenzie, said: “Praise for the actions of our staff is always much appreciated. This incident highlights the importance which members of our highways team attach to their role in the community. We are very pleased that, on this occasion, Steve’s efforts prevented someone suffering further distress.”


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