Oxford City Council’s maintenance company ODS increases turnover

ODS, the local authority trading company wholly owned by Oxford City Council, has achieved a turnover of £61.1 million in its second year of trading (2019/20), an increase of almost 10% compared to the previous financial year, depsite the pandemic.

ODS has seen income from commercial contracts increase by almost 50 per cent and is proud to be providing services to support the continued growth of the local economy.

ODS delivers a range of core services on behalf of Oxford City Council including waste collection, street cleaning, highways maintenance and building repairs. It provides the same to businesses, universities and many other organisations across the county.

Simon Howick, Managing Director at ODS, said: “The unique way we do business yields more than mere financial rewards. It is proven to have a positive impact on our customers, employees, suppliers, local communities and the environment. This year was no exception. Crucially, the money we make is reinvested in public services and is not lining shareholders’ pockets in the traditional sense. We’re supporting a vibrant city with employment and training opportunities, and, where possible, we keep our supply chain local.”

“Beyond this, we’ve continued to help Oxford meet its zero-carbon goals by adding more electric vehicles to our fleet and developing the urban infrastructure required as electric transport becomes an everyday option.”

He added: “ODS provides Oxford’s residents and businesses with high-quality services delivered by local people who genuinely care about their community and the environment. Despite the tough environment, additional long-term sustainable revenue streams have been generated through external trading.

 “Looking ahead, I see a positive future—the continuation of our doing good journey. We have learned from COVID-19 that we can run the business efficiently, even with staff working remotely. I believe we will continue to thrive and grow as a leading business that is recognised for doing good.”

Councillor Nigel Chapman, Cabinet Member for Customer Focused Services at Oxford City Council, said: “This year has been incredibly tough. Yet using the Oxford Model, where rather than choosing to outsource services we work in partnership with our wholly-owned companies, has given the city greater security and stability. ODS allows the Council to keep investing in Oxford, as money spent by the city remains in the area, funding jobs and ensuring the city stays a lively, beautiful place to live and work in.

“I want to thank the ODS team for their tireless provision of frontline services. These people kept Oxford going throughout the pandemic, and I know the city is grateful.”


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