Radar-based MOVA solution installed for traffic lights in Taunton

The transport technology firm Smart Video and Sensing have delivered another MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) site using the smartmicro UMRR11 multilane radar.

Working with JSTSM on behalf of Somerset County Council, two radar were installed on the busy A38 Wellington Road/Castle Street junction in Taunton. The radar monitors multiple lanes and were programmed for all MOVA loops on both carriageways in two directions as well as providing right turn demand at the junction.

The set-up was configured via Wi-Fi which allows modifications and additions to me made to the installed programme within the radar detector, such as enabling consultants to make adjustments to the ’virtual’ loops size and positions.

Siemens Traffic engineers facilitated the installation in Taunton working alongside the commissioning engineers from SVS.

(Picture – Smart Video and Sensing)


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