Remote working as an early careers professional and product procurement on this week’s Highways Voices

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As an early careers professional, how do you work and learn when you’re not among people absorbing the office life?

Many worried about the situation, but our guest on the Highways Voices podcast this week makes us feel better about it all.

“I’d say it’s a double edged sword,” says Alastair King, Product and Marketing Manager at Clearview Intelligence. “Obviously, the negative side of it is that you’re not with people, you’re not breathing it, you’re not feeling it, you’re almost relying on having a phone call, at times to just pick up on that piece of information that you need to know. But the other side of it is, and I found meeting platforms to be very clinical, in that it was a set meeting at a set time with a set audience. You could prepare yourself better for that. You could prepare the content better.”

Alastair discusses his career development during lockdown, which actually started on the day he started a new role in the company, and also how he has developed new products.

He’s also got some wise words about procurement, when solutions cover a wide variety of benefits, but don’t fit into any single budget. “And, you know, communication, especially through larger organisations, larger authorities, the people that we’re talking to might not necessarily have that complete bigger picture and overview of budgets and and how to look at installing solutions and best approaching what solutions would suit an application better.”

Have a listen to him and also find out why Kier Highways and National Highways win this week’s Adrian’s Accolade.

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