Solar Gates UK launches workforce management solution app for its INSTABOOM barrier

Solar Gates UK and SiteCircle have brought together two market leading technologies in one compelling package, saving highways worksites time, money and carbon. This new, innovative and COVID secure workforce management solution app combined with an award winning INSTABOOM® barrier that is powered by solar/hybrid energy.

The unique and innovative workforce management solution app delivers inductions and performs CSCS/CITB checks for all contractors eliminating the need to do this in an office environment, no class rooms and no physical meetings and no Covid-19. Saving time, money and health.

Once a contractor is approved they are linked to The award winning INSTABOOM® mobile barrier to grant access at a click of a button and removing another covid touchpoint. Site Circles’ market leading app gives you control of the contractors allowed onto each site, tracks their movements, time sheets and checks their eligibility to work safely.

As a site entrance moves with the development, so does the INSTABOOM® mobile barrier, just pick it up and redeploy where ever its needed.

INSTABOOM® is the perfect alternative to manned security. It is the UK’s first solar/hybrid, instant deployment, work zone protection vehicle barrier.

The barrier is fully HSE compliant, UKCA marked and completely mobile. For use on all highways and SMART motorway projects INSTABOOM® comes with remote telematics as standard and UK wide managed service if requested.

It is also instantly deployed by one person, has asimple 800m radio fob collapse boom and is solar powered up to 150 times a day/night with a back up hybrid funcrion for one monyh between charges without sun.

Combined with the GS6 height detection kit, INSTABOOM™ also provides a ‘unique’ way to protect from overhead strikes in work zones, said the company.


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