Staying Safe and Compliant with Re-flow at Rail Live

Whether for isolated lone workers doing track maintenance, monitoring worker fatigue, or avoiding disjointed communication and the subsequent errors, Health and Safety processes in Rail are crucial.  

These protocols ensure the smooth, secure, and efficient operation of the entire rail network – and make sure that nobody gets hurt. 

But if companies use a mess of systems – WhatsApp, Excel Spreadsheets, Google Docs – they’re taking risks that could lead to accidents, fines, and potential injuries to operatives.

Re-flow is field management software designed for all the standard things you’d expect – scheduling, real-time visibility of jobs, worker qualification libraries… 

But some of the software’s greatest strengths come from the way it superpowers and speeds up processes while remaining compliant. With Re-flow, form filling, record keeping, and tracking operatives – so needlessly time-consuming with inefficient systems – transforms into something robust and easily auditable.

Via a few quick taps on a smart phone, audit trails, form delivery, and everything else related to compliance slips into the ‘done and dusted’ column in the operative’s to-do list.  

Another handy feature is Re-flow’s offline capabilities. When a worker is in a remote location and there is no signal, they can still access the information, forms and features they need to continue working efficiently. Once a connection is regained, all app data is instantly synchronised with the dashboard once more.

The workplace gets safer, more efficient – and futureproof. 

There’s so much to talk about that visiting our stand is the best way to discover how Re-flow configures and fits around businesses and their needs.  

At Rail Live our show team are looking forward to meeting current clients and potential new clients alike. They’ll be at Stand M140 to discuss the following, and more:  

Rail Live Talks, HSE, and More 

The topics we’ve mentioned above, and Re-flow’s ability to address them, align well with the talks at Rail Live. The most notable of these comes on Wednesday 19th June: 

  • ‘Safety on the Railway’ by Johnny Schute (CEO, RSSB) and Richard Hines (Chief Inspector of Railways, ORR)  

The future of rail has to be a safe one. If we’re to maintain high standards in the industry, then digital management solutions have an undoubted part to play.  

This might come through modernising the industry enough to revolutionise recruitment and retention, or making sure there are enough efficiencies honed and streamlined within daily practices so that companies excel and grow.  

In this light, we’re looking forward to the show and hearing other talks: 

  • ‘Recruitment and Retention: Attracting New People to the Railway’ (Wed 19th)  
  • ‘Building a Bridge to GBR: Rail’s Relevance in 2025 and Beyond’ (also Wed) 
  • Rail Reform: Securing a Long-Term and Successful Future for the Railway (Thurs 20th

The Re-flow team is thrilled to be a part of Rail Live, and to do our part in channelling the industry towards a safer, more prosperous future.  

Ultimately, Re-flow aims to future-proof your company. Drop by Stand M140 from 19th-20th June to speak to our helpful and enthusiastic team.  

And if you can’t attend, Re-flow will be at a lot more events this year. Keep up to date with Re-flow’s event appearances by using the roadmap

I’ll let this go, but we’ve highlighted the weakest parts of our system. Fatigue in re-flow doesn’t work at all for the rail industry. We’rebetter for recording maintenance.  [AW1]


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