TTF and London Councils showcase transport technologies making the capital more efficient

The Transport Technology Forum and the body which represents the 32 London Boroughs and The City have hosted the first of a series of London-focussed events sharing examples of improvements in transport by enhancing data and connectivity.

More than 50 people took part in the London Councils-TTF virtual forum to discuss how technologies are being deployed and tested across the capital to enhance transport operations and networks.

The meeting, co-organised and chaired by London Councils’ Transport Manager Andy Luck, heard how a smarter parking initiative in Camden has digitised the process, from permits and payments to suspensions and enforcement.  Attendees were given advice on data standardisation and kerbside demand monitoring and management, and how data can be used to provide evidence that a strategy is working.

The Digital Assistant Service for Highways Authorities (DASHA), developed by Fitzpatrick Advisory and trialled with Westminster City Council, was also explained, showing how it was able to support asset and network management decision making. Taking in internal and external data and information sources, the presentation summarised what and how data is gathered, used, kept secure and normalised, plus what insight can be gleaned from it, including meaning and context, and then what interventions can be carried out in light of the knowledge gained. The meeting was additionally told how the DG Cities Connected and Autonomous Vehicles project established Greenwich as a centre of excellence, bringing vehicle and ridesharing trials into the community, gaining experience of managing and deploying autonomous vehicles in real-world environments.

Graham Hanson, Head of Smarter Traffic Management in the Traffic and Technology Division at the Department for Transport rounded off the session by explaining the Government’s policies for technology including guidance about procurement and cyber security, smarter parking, Traffic Regulation Order Data Models and a new National Access Point for transport information.

“I have personally been engaged with the TTF for some time and have attended previous national events,” said London Councils Director, Transport and Mobility, Spencer Palmer. “The forum provides an excellent opportunity to share experiences and advice, as well as connecting authorities and technology providers.  As an organisation representing all 33 London authorities, London Councils understands the challenges and benefits of bringing different organisations together.  We are very grateful to all those who took part in the excellent inaugural London TTF event and look forward to supporting further events in the future.”

“I am delighted to see how many London Boroughs joined us for this event and the great technology innovations going on in the capital that we were able to share” added Darren Capes, the DfT’s Intelligent Transport Systems Policy Lead, who also leads the TTF.  “It underlines the importance of close working between the TTF and London Councils to ensure that we are able to share and disseminate all the great things happening in transport technology between London and the rest of the country.”


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