Warwickshire County Council to change pothole reporting

Warwickshire County Council has declared it wants to make changes to the system for reporting issues in the pipeline

The current system allows for members of the public to report potholes through a live web page on the council’s website, pinpointing the problem area or areas on a map.

It opens by laying out anticipated outcomes for reports with small potholes – typically smaller than five centimetres – “not considered hazardous to vehicle traffic” and considered for repair as part of routine maintenance.

Medium potholes, defined as up to five centimetres deep, are issued with a target of being dealt with within 28 days depending on location and circumstances.

Large potholes, defined as deeper than five centimetres, should be dealt with within 24 hours.

Councillor Chris Kettle (Con, Feldon) read from a statement to inform fellow members of the opportunity to find out more from those who oversee such work during his announcements at Tuesday’s meeting.

“You will have noticed highways officers outside or in the antechamber,” he said.

“They are hoping to have a conversation with as many of us as possible to talk to the reporting of potholes, general maintenance of highways and footpaths and how best to work with our communities to make sure that they are reported, and that residents have a realistic idea of what can be done and the timescales involved.

“I have been asked to pass on an invitation to all of you to speak to the officers.

Changes will be coming on stream soon on how the public can report a pothole and chart progress.

“This is constantly an area where the county performs very well and is also consistently one of the most searched items on our website.

“It will be really helpful if all of you can make sure you are absolutely up to speed with what our council officers are doing and also how we can improve potholes and the issues, which can be significantly trying for members.”


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