WJ Group collaborates with Safe Road Systems to help improve roads in Malaysia

In 2023, after being approached by Safe Road Systems (SRS) based in Malaysia, WJ Group began a partnership through its joint venture company, ACBWJ, to help enhance night-time visibility on Malaysian expressways.

By March 2024, this collaboration had yielded significant results with a pioneering project being initiated in conjunction with two of the major highway operators in Malaysia; PLUS and WCE. The two test trials came under the purview of the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA/LLM) and involved the installation of British-manufactured road studs on designated key areas on the North South Expressway and the West Coast Expressway.

The markers consisted of Clearview Intelligence’s SolarLite Flush solar-powered active road studs and WJ Group’s Allux road studs. The primary goal of this initiative was to enhance road safety with it primarily focusing on improving night-time driving conditions and delineation.

Addressing road safety challenges

The objective of ACBWJ’s partnership with SRS was to leverage proven UK solutions to address Malaysia’s road safety challenges. This includes tackling, in the future, the large number of accidents on smaller, state-level roads, as well as federal-level highways. A key issue being a lack of standardised and effective delineation on many Malaysian road surfaces.

By trialling both Allux and SolarLite Flush studs, SRS looked to contribute to these efforts, aiming to improve road visibility and safety through advanced delineation, particularly in low-light conditions. Moreover, the initiative sought to validate the performance of these advanced road studs under Malaysia’s challenging tropical conditions which are characterised by high humidity, year-round hot weather and frequent heavy rainfall.

Joris Spruyt, Technical Director at ACBWJ commented “We’re passionate about improving road safety across the world, so it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to trial our products in countries such as Malaysia. Our teams have worked hard to create solutions capable of withstanding the challenges posed by local conditions to ensure that drivers have the visibility to drive safety.”

The chosen solutions

SRS advocated the adoption of ACBWJ’s highly innovative Allux road stud, renowned for its ease and speed of installation, superior durability, and exceptional retained retro-reflectivity. These key benefits can be attributed to an abrasion-resistant lens coating. Manufactured in the UK, the Allux stud’s robust body is crafted from high-pressure die-cast marine-grade recycled aluminium to bolster its environmental credentials. Its unique design, featuring a stabilising shaft and a secured interchangeable lense system, promises an effective service on heavily trafficked roads and motorways, offering whole-life cost advantages.

Compliant with both local and international standards, including EN1463-1:2009 and EN1463-2:2000, Allux’s remarkable retro-reflectivity looks set to play a crucial role in achieving improved lane demarcation and safety in Malaysia. In parallel, SRS trialled Clearview’s Solar Lite F Series Flush Road Studs, which achieve an impressive 900 metres of delineation, significantly surpassing the 90 meters of traditional road studs. 

The project involved the placement of the SolarLite road studs at 18-metre intervals on verges and Allux road studs at 12-metre intervals in central lanes, covering two stretches with 360 road studs. This was all underpinned and supervised with the operational expertise of international specialists from the UK and Belgium to ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

The outcome

Following the installation, reviews showed clear improvements in road visibility and safety demonstrating that the solutions work well in Malaysia’s harsh environment. As this represents the first time these studs have been used in Southeast Asia, their successful deployment on Malaysian highways marks a significant step forward in road safety in the region.

Andy Jackson, CEO of SRS said, “We are delighted to have partnered with ACBWJ and Clearview Intelligence to test trial Allux and SolarLite road markers on Malaysian highways. This is the first time these class leading products have been installed anywhere in South East Asia and we are confident that the trials will act as a strategic stepping stone into neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines. We believe there is significant scope to improve delineation, road surfaces and road safety throughout SEA. With these clear goals in mind, Safe Road Systems looks forward to further collaborations with ACBWJ and Clearview Intelligence in the months and years to come.”

This project serves as a great example for future initiatives, showing the many benefits of using innovative technologies to help make roads safer. The trial has also showcased the quality and innovation of British-made road safety products, positioning the SolarLite and Allux road studs as top choices for enhancing road safety in the region.

“WJ, via our joint venture company ACBWJ, are delighted to be working with Safe Road Systems to promote the UK’s world-class road stud systems. Our aim is to elevate road safety and sustainability standards, benefiting not just British road users but also those around the globe. This collaboration supports our strategic intent to broaden our influence internationally, showcasing our dedication to innovation and superior road safety solutions.” said John Warne, Business Development and Marketing Director at WJ Group


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