Admiral Insurance launches telematics product with no black box

Car insurer Admiral is partnering with Ford Smart Mobility and telematics service provider Redtail Telematics to launch a new car insurance product to help safe drivers save on their car insurance premiums.

Admiral Live enables customers that own Ford vehicles with a FordPass Connect Modem manufactured from 2021 onwards to share driving data, collected directly from their car – without the need to physically install a telematics box.

They say this makes its simpler for customers to authorise data sharing. Customers download the FordPass app and register their vehicle, and once the policy starts, a request for consent to data sharing with Admiral will pop-up in the customers in vehicle screen, which the customer simply needs to authorise to allow data collection to begin.

Admiral Live customers get a discount up front when they take out the policy. During the policy term they will receive feedback on their driving score and guidance on how they can improve it. The motorist’s driving style information is used to determine an accurate price at renewal, tailored to them rather than how their peer group drives. This can offer lower premiums for people who traditionally pay more for their insurance, such as inexperienced or young drivers, as long as they drive safely.

Data on speed, braking, acceleration and usage are collected directly from the vehicle and are used to build the customer’s driving score.

(Picture – Admiral)


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