Monotch promotes dynamic traffic light priority solution

The Dutch C-ITS platform developer Monotch is delivering a webinar to explain how to use latest technology to dynamically alter traffic signals for different road users.

It points out many countries still use old-fashion ways to prioritise traffic or keep lights greener for longer (pre-emption), but by using a platform such as TLEX can make a “revolutionised change for governments and road authorities”.

It says the webinar will explain what dynamic traffic prioritisation actually means, with the currently most used way of prioritising traffic is via a set algorithm at traffic lights. It allows an x amount of time for traffic in one lane and x for traffic in another.

There are no fixed timings when making this dynamic, but an intelligent intersection communicates with the actual approaching traffic. It allows identification of the type of traffic that is coming. Based on a previously designed priority-setting list, it will enable certain road user groups to get priority.

Already in The Netherlands and Belgium, a large smart mobility platform is in use that can dynamically prioritise and pre-emption. In Scandinavia, the NordicWay 3 project also implemented Traffic Signal Priority in the different countries.

The webinar will explain dynamic traffic pre-emption and priority let the different road owners/authorities control the priorities that fit their region or city.

As a result, road users and society benefit as it allows, for example:

  • Emergency vehicles priority, reducing the time from A to B, where every second counts
  • Making sure logistical fleets get priority at certain busy intersections, making the roads clear for local traffic and reducing emissions from braking
  • Allowing public transport to hit the green lights so they don’t lose time and remain trustworthy, creating a valued alternative to the private car
  • Prioritizing groups of children on bikes during school traffic times, making sure they cross intersections safely

Monotch, ViNotion and Royal HaskoningDHV have partnered to create a live webinar where they will tell about their experiences.

Steve Voit, Business Developer at Monotch, Christopher Geelen, Operations Manager at ViNotion and Steven Bakker, Sr. Sales Consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV will let viewers know how a platform like TLEX can support smart roadside equipment vendors, service providers, authorities and road users to make traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable by sharing already implemented use cases, their challenges and their future outlook.

It will be hosted by Highways News co-owner Paul Hutton.

You can now register for this online event.

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Time: 4pm UK

Duration: 45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

Location: Online

(Picture – Monotch)


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