NOTA AI hails ITS European Congress award as recognition for road safety technology

The South Korean traffic solutions company Nota AI, says an award it won at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon proves the industry is taking seriously the use of the latest technology to better manage road safety.

The company, which specialises in using Artificial Intelligence to better manage the safety of Vulnerable Road Users, won the Best Start-up presentation award at the event last week for its Safe Crossing solution.

Utilising advanced short-term trajectory prediction, the safety system accurately anticipates potential accidents up to three seconds in advance. Nota AI explains that this predictive capability enables proactive hazard awareness through a diverse range of notification methods. Drivers and Vulnerable Road Users receive timely alerts via conventional alarms, including LED lights and speakers, as well as through targeted messages delivered via V2X communication directly to their vehicles. By leveraging V2X communication, the system effectively promotes safe driving behaviour in approaching autonomous vehicles, thereby encompassing seamless transitions across different levels of autonomy.

“Winning the award proves that our belief in the technology is well-placed,” commented Seri An, General Manager of Nota AI’s Europe subsidiary who presented in Lisbon.  “We are already seeing Nota AI’s Safe Crossing solution saving lives in our homeland of South Korea, and I look forward to installing it in cities across Europe to make roads safer here too”.

During the presentation, Seri An was asked whether three seconds was enough to make a difference and explained it is based on a concept called the “perception-reaction time” (PRT) in the context of driving. “The perception-reaction time includes both the time it takes to perceive a stimulus (such as an unexpected event on the road) and the time it takes to initiate a response and that the three-second figure is specific to driving-related studies,” she added.  “AI Safe Crossing can prevent accident scenarios such as signal violations, poor visibility due to surrounding obstacles, and even dilemma situations for turning vehicles”.

(Picture shows Seri An, right, with ITS European Congress Chief Rapporteur Prof Eric Sampson who gave the award)


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