SRL introduces solution to make “traffic management far greener”

The temporary signals traffic management company SRL has announced a new solution SRL Solar PLUS which it says dramatically reduces battery exchanges and power usage and emissions at sites.

It says in a world where everything has to become far greener, the SRL Solar PLUS traffic system enables users to “make a positive difference to the planet”.

Available to hire it can be easily retrofitted to our existing systems, increasing sustainability, cutting expenses and greatly reducing roadside risk.

Furthermore, it says, the advanced visibility of our telematics software supports fleet monitoring. The small communications device sits neatly in the signal box, with a dashboard which enables users to check battery charge levels, monitor your assets’ exact locations and check system functionality.

The new solution sees updated telematics software with a feature which enables users to precisely monitor solar sustainability and battery performance giving a real time overview of battery status, how much solar energy the system has generated and 24 hours’ notification if the battery is running out.

(Picture – SRL)


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