Transport for the North faces cuts in latest allocation proposals

Transport for the North (TfN) has had its core funding reduced by 40% for the 2021/22 period as well as no funding for its Integrated & Smart Travel (IST)- a plan that would have seen contactless ticketing introduced across the North.

This, says the organisation, could have an impact on the ‘levelling up’ agenda in the North. TfN said there could also now be insufficient resources for its strategic rail team to support building back passenger confidence and volumes after the pandemic as well as impacting teams currently engaging with partners to understand what is possible or what could be accelerated in relation to the Economic Recovery Plan, which was echoed in a report by the Financial Times this morning.

TfN also said that early viability assessments and development of projects for furture inclusion in investment plans cold be affected as could support for NPR business case production and the development of robust evidence that supports cae making and the advice the organisation gives to the Secretary of state as well as other activities.

TfN’s core budget will be cut to £6m from £10m as part of the proposals. No funding was received in relation to the CSR request regarding
the Development of an Infrastructure Pipeline.

In a briefing note TfN said it was ‘disappointed’ at the funding settlement and concerned at the impact that it would have on the ability of Transport for the North and the North in general to effectively contribute to the
‘Levelling Up’ agenda.

It went on to say: “In order to contribute effectively to that agenda Transport for the North needs to understand the basis on which it is planning and the intentions of Government in the longer-term against
backdrop of initiatives such as the Northern Transport Acceleration Council.”


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