Khan confirms ULEZ expansion

The newly re-elected Mayor of London has recommitted to expanding the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone in October to an area 18 times larger than the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone.

The new rules being introduced by Sadiq Khan will affect older, more polluting vehicles that don’t comply with strict emission standards. He says that although around 80% of cars are already thought to be compliant, it is estimated that 100,000 cars, 35,000 vans and 3,000 lorries could be affected by the expanded zone and tighter standards every day.  

In a statement, Khan says the central London ULEZ has been “transformational” since its introduction in April 2019, helping to reduce roadside concentrations of the poisonous gas nitrogen dioxide in the central zone by nearly half. He says expansion will extend these benefits to millions of Londoners, both inside and outside the expanded zone. 

The comments add that, while significant progress has been made with a substantial reduction in the number of Londoners living in areas exceeding legal limits for NO2, tens of thousands of Londoners still breathe illegally polluted air and 99 per cent of Londoners live in areas exceeding the World Health Organisation recommended guidelines for PM2.5, which are much tighter than the legal standards.

“I pledge to be the greenest Mayor London’s ever had with a mandate from Londoners to put the environment and climate policies at the heart of my second term in office,” Khan said. “Today I am reaffirming my commitment to speed up the cleaning of London’s toxic air. In central London, the Ultra Low Emission Zone has already helped cut toxic roadside nitrogen dioxide pollution by nearly half and led to reductions that are five times greater than the national average. But pollution isn’t just a central London problem, which is why expanding the ULEZ later this year will benefit Londoners across the whole of the city and is a crucial step in London’s green recovery. There is no time to waste. We know pollution hits the poorest Londoners the hardest which is why I’m doing everything I can to improve the health for all Londoners.”

(Picture – Yay Images)


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